Welcome To Dead Reach

The Single/Multiplayer Survival Game

Being stranded on the beach you find yourself in a new world.
You have no idea where you have been taken to.
What dangers lay ahead and will you be able to survive it and forge this world to your liking?

Character & Combat

Player Characters can be customized at the start of the world with basic attributes assigned to him/her. This will determine combat damage and survival aspects. Attributes can be increased by spending points gained from leveling. Combat is fast-paced action-based combat where different weapons will determine a player’s combat style. Weapons can be upgraded to newer ones or upgraded with Elemental Essence to do elemental damage.


Explore a ever changing world with hidden mysteries and treasures to be found. With multiple different biomes, each biome will have exclusive resources to gather and creatures to fight. Find hidden caves above ground; dive into the ocean for sunken ships with hidden treasure or fly into the sky to find floating islands.

Crafting & Resources

Some crafting recipes require special crafting stations, while others can be crafted directly inside the player’s inventory. There are rare recipes that will only spawn in certain points of interest or be given from quests players encounter in the world. Some recipes might never be found as they are hiden behind monsters that will require more than one person to slay them.

There are many ways to get resources; gathering them directly or by using a tool like an axe or shovel. Traveling between different Islands and exploring the world is a must as not all resources are always available on one Island. Trading will play a big role in the development of your settlement.

Factions & Races

The world has many different factions and races. How a player interacts with them will determine if they will befriend the player or wage war against them. If a settlement is created too close to an unfriendly faction, it could have dire consequences. Befriend the right faction and it could open up new technologies and quest lines. Think twice before every interaction with them.


Many portals scattered through out the world can give access to a unique dungeon for the adventurer who laughs in the face of danger. Activating these portals will require some kind of resource, so come prepared. Entering them will be a one way trip, bring needed supplies. These dungeons are not for the faint of heart, most ending with something that even darkness runs from.

Settlements & Housing

A player can construct their own house by building a foundation, walls and a roof, designing the house to their liking. Some upgraded crafting stations will require special buildings and NPC workers to run them. Placing these buildings down will start a settlement. Once a settlement is established, be wary of attacks launched at the settlement. Make sure to fortify the settlement with high walls and guard towers to protect it.